quinta-feira, 3 de junho de 2010

Life is a Cherry Flower

Myazaki Fuyumi, gorgeous as the last snowflake of a winter night and elegant as a fox, watched alone the fall of the petals of a cherry tree. Many thoughts were crossing her mind, most of them ephemeral as the flowers themselves, but the most significant one was the reflection regarding the simplicity of the existence of a cherry flower: all it had to do was jump off the twig, deliver itself to the wills of the wind and fall to the soil in a silent trajectory. In a certain way, Fuyumi was jealous about the abscence of intentions, goals, protocols to fulfill, passions and quandaries in the existence of a cherry flower. Everything would be simpler if people were as pink flowers falling from a tree after the winter, allowing themselves to be led by the breeze and nothing else.


- Originally published in the Cow Creek Review 2009/2010, the Pittsburg State University's Literary Magazine, p. 128 (Kansas, United States).

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